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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela
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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

- William Butler Yeats
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"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

- Mahatma Gandhi
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Live to Learn (L2L) Premium English Course was founded in 2012 by Fellysia, who graduated from University of Manchester, United Kingdom. With the vision of ā€œEmpowering visionary characters and excellent communicators through language educationā€, she initiated an English course with premium quality. Through her finely honed skills, broad knowledge, and remarkable leadership, Fellysia expanded Live to Learn (L2L) Premium English Course from having its main office at San Antonio N1-155 Surabaya.

Live to Learn (L2L) Premium English Course was established as a premium quality English course, with quality language education as our main focus. We believe that education is not merely a trivial matter, but it is a part of living.


ā€œEmpowering visionary characters and excellent communicators through language educationā€


To inspire people and businesses to realise their full potential by providing the most student-centred language learning experience through collaborative tasks and personalised programmes

The 3Cs

ā€œIn Live to Learn (L2L), you will become a part of a learning community which believes that effective learning occurs when it is COMMUNICATIVE, COLLABORATIVE, and CONTINUOUS.ā€


Because we CARE about the quality of language education in Indonesia, we create these cultures in L2L to produce visionary characters and excellent communicators:

Collaboration : We believe that through the spirit of collaboration, we can achieve greater to support our learnersā€™ progress and holistic development. As such, we create a dialectical relationship in the classroom and we give constant feedback to learners.

Accessibility : We aim to provide a language learning environment that is accessible to all who wish to better themselves to realise their dreams. We welcome every one from all walks of life to join in our learning community.

Resilience : We are resilient in our endeavour to create visionaries with exceptional communication skills through our personalised educational programmes.

Excellence : We maintain a standard of excellence in our services and we want to instill this standard in the lives of our students. We believe that being proficient in both written and spoken English is one of the demands in todayā€™s global market economy. Therefore, to increase our learnersā€™ academic achievement and employability, we strive to provide a learning experience of the highest quality.

"True learning happens when teaching isnā€™t only about imparting knowledge, but it is also about creating human connection."

- Fellysia -



English for Scholarship (EFS)
English for Overseas Studies (EOS)


General English/ Conversation English
English for Kids
Teaching Workshop/ Corporate TrainingĀ 
English for Special Purposes (ESP)
Private Session

"Students donā€™t care how much you know until they know how much you care."

- Anonymous -

Our Teachers

L2L's Achievements

*data as of July 2018

L2L Founder

  • Fellysia


    Fellysia is an educator who specialises in English Language Teaching. She has taught at several reputable universities in Surabaya

Founder's Commentaries

  • "L2L has exceeded all of my expectation. I was flabbergasted with the friendliness of the staff and especially the teacher since I had expected the sessions to be strict and boring. L2L encouraged me to do better without making me feel oppressed unlike other well-known English courses. My English capability grows exponentially and I couldn't be happier with my improvement. Thank you L2L, you're the best."

    - Danny Sungko (IELTS 8) -
  • "Lessons in L2L have been my greatest 'english hours', so far. Despite being pushed to my highest limits and drilled with excruciating practices, I enjoyed every second spent with the bubbly, lovely, and charming Ms. Felly. Not only is she deft in English, she also continuously supplies me with general knowledges (including make up tips haha) and HOTTEST GOSSIPS! Haha Love you Ce Fell!!!! Keep being awesome, stylish and pretty!!! Goodluck for L2L!!"

    - Fransisca Andriani (Scholarship to NTU 2016) -
  • I have always been quite intimidated by proficiency tests such as IELTS, so I did not have any high expectations. However, Miss Felly chose to put her faith in me. She bombarded us with idioms and practice tasks, not to mention her frequent 'advertisements' to follow L2L for new words and idioms everyday (so add their Line! It's worth it) At the end of the day, all those efforts did not end up as a wild-goose chase. Thank you Miss Felly for not letting me settle for less! It really does take two to tango and I would not have been able to do it without the crash course and helping hand

  • Learning English in L2L is really fun. I learn not only how to speak proper English but also how to speak in a personal and formal manner in interviews. The sessions are also enjoyable and effective L2L has made me love English in a different way before.

  • L2L is the only course where I can study up to 1 hour without even a slight feeling of boredom. I hated English before but now i canā€™t spend a day without studying English. Good job L2L, keep thriving!

    - Verren PramitaĀ (EFS & EOS - Scholarship to MGS Singapore) -
  • It had been pleasure to learn and I'm glad that it could improve my score and achieve the goal that initially planned. My score has gradually increased and it was such a pleasing time that I learned a lot from our Sunday morning classes.

    - SEUNG HYUN (IBT SCORE 110) -


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Line / Instagram: iloveL2L
WA: 0896 9090 1455
Ruko San Antonio N1-155 Surabaya
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